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  • General

    Is this site really free to find and book parking?

    Registering and searching for appropriate parking using the Primal Parking website is entirely free of charge. You can also send a message regarding the space you would like to enquire about completely free of charge. However, if you would prefer to make a direct phone call to the landlord using the secure Primal ‘ProtectaCall’ facility you will be charged 50p/minute. There is no additional charge for booking a space.

    Is this site really free to advertise my parking spaces?

    Advertising your space on the Primal Parking website is completely free. Registration of your space is simple and will be immediately viewable to millions of people to whom the Primal Parking concept has been marketed. Unlike our competitors, when your space is successfully rented out we do not take any fee; that money is your and should remain yours!

    What is Primal ProtectaCall?

    Primal ProtectaCall assigns a secure phone number beginning ‘070’ to a landlord's phone number allowing landlords to maintain the privacy of their private numbers. This is a free service that benefits parking space landlords by protecting them against canvassers and anyone else other than those seeking rental of their space.

    Unlike our competitors, this facility allows landlords to speak to interested tenants direct thus cutting out the middle man and eradicating inefficiencies and dishonesty associated with many agencies.

    What are the insurance implications of letting out a parking space?

    Car Insurance

    You can park your vehicle on another person's property without any insurance implications on the basis that the vehicle is not left there for a period larger than 6 months within one year. Thus, the main location of the vehicle should still be registered at its main location. We must stipulate, however, that the owner leaves his/her vehicle at their own risk and would therefore be wise to contact their insurance company when you begin to use a space in order to ensure the vehicle is covered.

    Home Insurance

    The home insurance implications will depend on the cover you have, thus the policy in place. Primal Parking recommends that you contact your home insurance provider to confirm such implications in renting out your parking space.

  • Renting a Parking Space

    How do I use Primal Parking to find parking for me?

    The Primal Parking website has been designed and built with simplicity as its central tenet. Enter the desired location of your space, scan the search listings for a space that matches your requirements and choose the space that matches your requirements in terms of facilities, availability and level of security.

    What do I do once I have found parking I want?

    Many of our advertised spaces include a secure ProtectaCall number whereby you may contact the landlord directly. You can then double-check the space’s availability, exchange the necessary details and security methods and agree on the preferred payment method. If the space you’ve selected does not appear to have a Protectacall number, you can call the alternative number displayed to speak to a Primal representative who direct the landlord on your behalf and guide you through the process.

    How much does it cost to rent a space?

    The cost of renting a space is entirely dependent on numerous factors ranging from the level of the facilities included with the space to the space’s location. However, the key fact to remember is that the cost of renting a space through the Primal Parking medium can be up to 75% cheaper than the cost of commercial parking.

    How do I pay for the parking space?

    The rental payment method must be agreed with the landlord whether you’d prefer to pay cash on arrival, cheque or via the secure online payment system.

  • Letting out a Parking Space or Garage

    How do I go about listing my parking space on PrimalParking?

    Registration is easy. Simply visit the Primal Parking website and enter the location of your space in the ‘Parking space to let?’ field. You can enter the appropriate details outlining the key benefits of your space to our users. Remember, the information you enter constitutes the overall advert for your space, so be sure to include its key benefits. Once you have completed registration your space will then be activated by a member of our highly experienced team. The space is now ready to make positive impressions on interested tenants who can then make direct and secure enquiries to you using our Primal ProtectaCall system.

    How much could I earn From Renting out my parking space?

    The income you can potentially earn from renting your space out is entirely dependent on security, location and, ultimately, the benefits of your space to the user.

    Who can rent my space?

    Primal Parking has and is continuing to develop its user market through various marketing strategies and campaigns. Thousands of people are registering to exploit the benefits of Primal Parking and its unique offering every day. Essentially, anybody who visits our website can rent your space at the click of a button. Your space is now on offer within a truly big market place.

    Do you provide a contract for us to sign between ourselves?

    We provide a professional contract using the services of a UK leading law firm. This is only a template and we do recommend that you speak to your personal legal adviser before use.

    Do I have to pay tax on my extra income I receive?

    Any person that collects income in renting out their space/property to a third party must declare such income to the Inland Revenue on their tax return. Primal Parking advises landlords to seek advice regarding such fiscal responsibility.

  • Admin

    How do I change my email/password?

    Simply click on the ‘My Account’ button at the top right hand corner of the homepage and click on the ‘Account Details’ drop down menu. Click ‘Update Details’ and follow the appropriate instructions.

    I have forgotten my Account Details, how can I recover them?

    At the sign in page click ‘lost password’ and follow the instructions.

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