What is ProtectaCall?

Protectacall masks the phone number of any individual who wishes to rent a parking space through Primal Parking by providing them with a 070 number. We do this for two main reasons; firstly, to protect the privacy of the space owner and secondly, so the only phone calls they will receive via our site will be people with genuine interest in their parking space. This prevents any unwanted calls (e.g. marketing or sales calls) reaching the space owners.

What does it cost?

Having a ProtectaCall number is completely free of charge.

Potential tenants who contact the landlord through ProtectaCall will be charged 50p per minute from a BT landline, calls from a mobile or from any other operator may vary. ProtectaCall is an express method of contacting a landlord; you can message a landlord COMPLETELY FREE via Primal's messaging system.

Will ProtectaCall effect the interest in my parking space?

There will be no difference in the amount of interest in your advertised space, as ProtectaCall only stops unwanted calls, not interested tenants.

Remember, ProtectaCall is an express method of contacting a landlord; you can message a landlord for free via Primal's messaging system.

We provide the landlord with ProtectaCall for free, we charge callers 50p per minute to subsidise the cost to do so.

Primal ProtectaCall Tip

"Whilst using the ProtectaCall number, there is no harm in asking the landlord for their direct private number, but this is at their discretion. If they choose not to provide their private number, please respect this decision not to."

Why we at Primal invested in developing ProtectaCall

Studies show that contact from third parties is the biggest problem when advertising online. Third parties browse websites and other media to contact people in an attempt to advertise and even sell to them. It is highly recommended to decline all offers from such third parties who may try to get you to advertise in different ways.

Primal's ProtectaCall stops this nuisance activity at the root!

If you have any further questions or queries about ProtectaCall, please contact us at

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