Primal Parking Services

What do we do?

Two Simple things:

1. We find you the most appropriate parking facility, whether your requirements are for an individual event, proximity to a station/airport or everyday convenience. Short or long term, we at Primal Parking can deliver. By sourcing under-utilised parking bays from private owners, we can provide you with a more secure, convenient and, most importantly, affordable parking solution.

2. We are constantly looking for additional parking spaces to add to our already extensive portfolio. If you have an unused driveway, garage or parking bay(s) that isn't being used or fully utilised you have the opportunity to let your space with Primal Parking. We have developed a simple three step process that takes no more than a couple of minutes.

The service we offer is COMPLETELY FREE and you'll soon be on the road to enjoying hassle-free, additional income.

How to find a parking Space

The process is simple. Our coherent, streamlined and user-friendly web platform incorporates a three step philosophy designed to take you from the initial requirement to locating and booking your ideal parking bay.

(1) Enter your desired location in the "where do you want to park" search bar on the home page.

(2) Primal parking will search its extensive database, generating the most appropriate parking facility within a 5- mile radius.

(3) Once you have viewed and selected a space that fits your requirements, make an enquiry to book.

How to let your parking space

Once again, simplicity is fundamental to Primal Parking's ethos. After completing the following steps you can expect to receive direct enquiries from interested customers via our messaging or unique ProtectaCall system.

(1) Enter the location of your parking space(s) in the "parking space to let?" search bar on the home page.

(2) Complete the required information fields in reference to your parking space (s).

(3) Submit your space into Primal Parking's database where your space will be allocated an appropriate Primal Pin.

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